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Strawberry Alien Kush 3.5g Live Resin Disposable


Strain: sativa
sweet, fruity, floral
sleepy, relaxed, focused

Strawberry Alien Kush has a powerful high that is great for daytime usage. As you hit it, you’ll be washed over with waves of relief that relax your entire body. It is because of this intense, relaxing body high that Strawberry Alien Kush is often used by those that suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic stress, stomach issues, and more. Strawberry Alien Kush is likely to resolve that body-melting high with some motivation and creativity. Strawberry Alien Kush delivers a relaxing, relieving body high coupled with an interesting and thought-provoking mental high.


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Live Resin 3.5g Disposable


THC-P: 30x+ more potent than D9 THC.
THC-JD: Heavy indica with chill sensation inside & out. Combines with D8. Fuller body relaxation.
D8: THC with less anxiety or paranoia. Less heavy head-high, less fogginess.
HXY-11 THC: 5x more potent than THC, longer lasting effects. More effective in treating pain. nausea & other medical conditions. A pleasant enjoyable high.
D9: Same effects as the chemical found in marijuana.

These cannabinoids have been extracted from legal hemp plants using live resin extraction processes to ensure flavors, aromas, and terpenes of the natural hemp plant.

3rd party lab tested

<0.3% Delta-9 THC

2018 Farm Bill compliant

No fillers


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