Dead Island 2 Crash on Startup (FIX)

Fix: Dead Island 2 crash on startup on PC

The problem with Dead Island 2 is that it feels like it’s stuck in the past. Action-adventure games have come a long way since 2012, with titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed Origins, God of War, and Elden Ring setting new standards. In Dead Island 2, all you really do is pick up weapons, modify them at safehouses using components you find in the environment, and then use them to kill zombies. The zombies themselves are nothing new – some shamble, some run, some explode, and some projectile vomit acid. We’ve been fighting these same types of zombies for 20 years, using the same weapons, and customizing them on the same workbenches. It’s all become achingly familiar and doesn’t offer anything new.

Fix Update:

Possible fix: If you’re experiencing crashing issues when trying to start Dead Island 2 on your PC, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check your system specifications to make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements for the game. If your system falls short, upgrading your hardware may be necessary to run the game.
  2. Run the game as an administrator to grant it full access to your PC’s resources.
  3. Disable fullscreen optimizations by right-clicking on the game’s executable file, selecting Properties, then Compatibility, and checking the box labeled “Disable fullscreen optimizations”.
  4. Update your graphics card driver to the latest version available from the manufacturer’s website.
  5. Make sure your Windows operating system is up-to-date with the latest updates and patches.
  6. Force your PC to use the dedicated graphics card for running the game, if you have one.
  7. Close any unnecessary background tasks that may be interfering with the game’s performance.
  8. Repair game files by using the repair tool provided by the game launcher.
  9. Make sure you have the latest version of Dead Island 2 installed, as new updates may include bug fixes.
  10. Turn off any third-party overlay applications that may be interfering with the game.
  11. Temporarily turn off your Windows Firewall and antivirus software to see if they are causing any conflicts with the game.
  12. Adjust your PC’s power management options to ensure that it is not throttling performance while running the game.
  13. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime, as the game may require certain components to be installed to function properly.
  14. Perform a clean boot of your PC to eliminate any potential software conflicts that may be causing the game to crash.
  15. If you have overclocked your CPU or GPU, try restoring it to default settings as this can cause instability and crashes in some cases.

By trying these steps, you may be able to resolve the crashing issue and enjoy playing Dead Island 2 on your PC.

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